Dustbunnies in the Wild

Observed in their natural habitat, dustbunnies reveal complex social—and sometimes anti-social—behaviour. These slow-moving illusive creatures can often be found snoozing underneath common objects, usually gathering in small herds.

Dustbunnies are staunch survivors and can be found in the harshest of environments. They can survive the deadliest of  natural toxicants, including clorox, spic’n’span, and mister clean. As with many creatures in the wild, dustbunnies are not immune to human encroachment. With new human technology like the vacuum, and the more recent technological advancement such as the Swiffer, dustbunnies face an uphill battle for survival. However, as dustbunnies are prolific breeders, it is hoped that they will be able to overcome these seemingly insurmountable obstacles and survive.

This social grouping was last seen during the Great Spring Cleaning of 2007.