Representations of Memory

In continuing my exploration into memory and identity using found photographs, I started to reflect on the notion of a photograph being representation of memory. This notion is often the only truth in a photograph, and particularly apparent when looking at found photographs. I began building a device that would help me capture this notion.
By reducing this representation to a minimum amount of information that can be stored on a simple microchip on the device, I attempt to remove the physicality of this representation of memory have it exist as a memory itself; memory on the microchip.
The only certainty when I look at these found photographs is that they are recordings of something that someone thought worthy to remember. My understanding is only based on the clues contained within the photograph: a particular hairstyle here, a corsage pinned there, the dating of the clothing. My notion of what is represented there is fuzzy at best. Similarly, this device has no context for or "understanding" of this memory. It only stores its own rendition of this representation, and can then subsequently output its knowledge of it on its LED matrix onto Polaroid film which are blocky and fuzzy, not unlike our own memory of something uncertain.